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English word shithole comes from English shit, English ditch

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shit English (eng) (vulgar) Expression of worry, failure, shock, etc., often at something seen for the first time or remembered immediately before using this term.. (vulgar) To show displeasure or surprise. (countable, colloquial, vulgar) An instance of defecation.. (countable, colloquial, vulgar, in the plural, definite) (the shits) diarrhea.. (countable, uncountable, colloquial, vulgar) Solid excretory [...]
ditch English (eng) A trench; a long, shallow indentation, as for irrigation or drainage. (intransitive) To deliberately crash-land an airplane on water.. (intransitive) To deliberately not attend classes; to play hookey.. (intransitive) To dig ditches.. (transitive) To dig ditches around.. (transitive) To discard or abandon.. (transitive) To throw into a ditch.
shithole English (eng) (vulgar) A dysfunctional place.. (vulgar) A hole into which one defecates or dumps excrement.. (vulgar) An unpleasant or despicable person.. (vulgar) The anus.. (vulgar, derogatory) A very dirty or unpleasant place.

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faced shoot