showcase etymology

English word showcase comes from English case, English show

Detailed word origin of showcase

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case English (eng) (US) A unit of liquid measure used to measure sales in the beverage industry, equivalent to 192 fluid ounces.. (mining) A small fissure which admits water into the workings.. (poker slang) Four of a kind.. (printing, historical) A shallow tray divided into compartments or "boxes" for holding type, traditionally arranged in sets of two, the "upper case" (containing capitals, small capitals, [...]
show English (eng) (baseball, with "the") The major leagues.. (countable) A broadcast program/programme.. (countable) A demonstration.. (countable) A movie.. (countable) A play, dance, or other entertainment.. (countable) An exhibition of items.. (medicine) A discharge, from the vagina, of mucus streaked with blood, occurring a short time before labor.. (mining, obsolete) A pale blue flame at the top of a [...]
showcase English (eng) A case for displaying merchandise or valuable items.. A setting, occasion, or medium for exhibiting something or someone, especially in an attractive or favorable aspect. To display, demonstrate, show, or present.