siderography etymology

English word siderography comes from English -graphy, English sidero-

Detailed word origin of siderography

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-graphy English (eng) Represents something written or otherwise represented in the specified manner, or about a specified subject.
sidero- English (eng) Related to stars or constellations, as sidereal relationships. Related to iron or steel, as in siderosis (fibrosis caused by iron deposits).
siderography English (eng) A 19th-century process of reproducing steel-engraved designs for printing. The design is engraved on a steel block, then hardened and used to transfer a raised-image version to a steel roller under heavy pressure. The roller is then hardened and used as a die to impress duplicate images on printing plates for transferring to paper by the intaglio method.

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Descendants of -graphy
CDT CT adenography aerography angiography bathygraphic chromatography cryptography crystallography dendrography enigmatography iconography lexicography mammogram oceanography quasar radiculography radio radio silence rheography splanchnography stenography tomography vasography zoography
Descendants of sidero-
siderazote sideroblast siderocyte siderolithic sideromancy sideronatrite siderophage siderophile siderophore siderophyllite sideroscope siderosis siderostat