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English word siderolithic comes from English sidero-, English lithic

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sidero- English (eng) Related to stars or constellations, as sidereal relationships. Related to iron or steel, as in siderosis (fibrosis caused by iron deposits).
lithic English (eng) (chemistry) Of or relating to lithium.. (medicine) Relating to the formation of uric acid concretions (stones) in the bladder and other parts of the body.. Of or pertaining to stone. (anthropology) A stone tool or projectile. A medicine that prevents stone in the bladder.
siderolithic English (eng) (geology) Characterised by iron minerals in grains or pisoliths.

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siderazote sideroblast siderocyte siderography sideromancy sideronatrite siderophage siderophile siderophore siderophyllite sideroscope siderosis siderostat
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