siderophage etymology

English word siderophage comes from English sidero-, English -phage (Something that eats, or consumes.)

Detailed word origin of siderophage

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sidero- English (eng) Related to stars or constellations, as sidereal relationships. Related to iron or steel, as in siderosis (fibrosis caused by iron deposits).
-phage English (eng) Something that eats, or consumes.
siderophage English (eng) A macrophage that has absorbed iron-containing particles.

Words with the same origin as siderophage

Descendants of sidero-
siderazote sideroblast siderocyte siderography siderolithic sideromancy sideronatrite siderophile siderophore siderophyllite sideroscope siderosis siderostat
Descendants of -phage
chronophage coliphage geophage hippophage melanophage monophage mycophage myrmecophage necrophage oligophage ostreophage paedophage phytophage polyphage saprophagan saprophage virophage vitellophage xylophage zoophage