siderophile etymology

English word siderophile comes from English -phile, English sidero-

Detailed word origin of siderophile

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-phile English (eng) Forming nouns and adjectives meaning "loving", "friendly", or "friend".
sidero- English (eng) Related to stars or constellations, as sidereal relationships. Related to iron or steel, as in siderosis (fibrosis caused by iron deposits).
siderophile English (eng) (geology) Having an affinity for metallic iron.. (of a cell or tissue) Having an affinity for iron. (chemistry, geology) In the Goldschmidt classification, an element that forms alloys easily with iron and is concentrated in the Earth's core.. A siderophile element, tissue, or cell.

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Descendants of -phile
Hungarophile Indophile Londonphile Turcophile Xenaphile amphiphile capnophile coprophile entomophile gerontophile infracaninophile mesophile necrophile oenophile parthenophile pedophile pianophile pronucleophile psammophile redophile scopophile spankophile tobaccophile toxophile
Descendants of sidero-
siderazote sideroblast siderocyte siderography siderolithic sideromancy sideronatrite siderophage siderophore siderophyllite sideroscope siderosis siderostat