signature etymology

English word signature comes from Proto-Indo-European *kei-, Dutch sein (Signal.), French -ure (Used to form nouns describing the result of an action.), English signare

Detailed word origin of signature

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*kei- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
sein Dutch (nld) Signal.
-ure French (fra) Used to form nouns describing the result of an action.
signare English (eng)
signum Latin (lat) (Medieval Latin) a signum (medieval tower bell used particularly for ringing the 8 canonical hours). A mark, sign, emblem. A miracle.
signare Latin (lat)
signature French (fra) Signature (a person's name written in their own handwriting). The act of signing.
signature English (eng) (computing) A pattern used for matching the identity of a virus, the parameter types of a method, etc.. (cryptography) Data attached to a message that guarantees that the message originated from its claimed source.. (figurative) A mark or sign of implication.. (mathematics) A tuple specifying the sign of coefficients in any diagonal form of a quadratic form.. (medicine) The part of a [...]

Words with the same origin as signature

Descendants of *kei-
about above and because become before begin beginning believe belong below between beyond bless but butt by bye for health hold hole holy nor whole
Descendants of sein
assign design designed dignity ensign insignificant resign seal sealed sign signal significant
Descendants of -ure
infrastructure injury procedure