sigogglin etymology

English word sigogglin comes from English side, English goggling (A stare of curiosity or amazement.)

Detailed word origin of sigogglin

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side English (eng) (UK, _, dialectal) Widely; wide; far. (Scotland) Far; distant.. (UK, _, archaic, dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) Wide; large; long, pendulous, hanging low, trailing; far-reaching.. Being on the left or right, or toward the left or right; lateral.. Indirect; oblique; incidental. (British, Australia, Ireland, dated) A television channel, usually as opposed to the one currently being [...]
goggling English (eng) A stare of curiosity or amazement.
sigogglin English (eng) (US, Appalachia, dated) not built correctly, crooked, skewed, out of balance.

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Descendants of side
looking in siding