silicoflagellate etymology

English word silicoflagellate comes from English silico- ((chemistry) silicon.), English flagellate

Detailed word origin of silicoflagellate

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silico- English (eng) (chemistry) silicon.
flagellate English (eng) (biology) Any organism that has flagella. (transitive) To whip or scourge. (biology) Having flagella.. Resembling a whip.
silicoflagellate English (eng) Any of many unicellular heterokont marine algae, of the order Dictyochales, that have a silica skeleton.

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Descendants of silico-
silicoaluminophosphate silicobenzoic silicoborate silicocarnotite silicofluoric silicofluoric acid silicofluoride silicomanganese silicomolybdate silicomolybdic acid silicononane silicophosphate silicosiderosis silicotuberculosis
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