silsesquioxane etymology

English word silsesquioxane comes from English silicon, English sesqui- (1½; 1½ times. In a ratio of 3 to 2.)

Detailed word origin of silsesquioxane

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silicon English (eng) (chemistry, countable) A single atom of this element.. (chemistry, uncountable) A nonmetallic element (symbol Si) with an atomic number of 14 and atomic weight of 28.0855. (slang) computer processor. (slang) computing.
sesqui- English (eng) 1½; 1½ times. In a ratio of 3 to 2.
silsesquioxane English (eng) (chemistry) Any chemical compound with the empirical chemical formula RSiO1.5, where R is either hydrogen or an alkyl, alkene, aryl or arylene group.

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Descendants of silicon
Silicon Valley aluminio-silicate barysilite bisilicate borosilicate disilicate disiloxane hexasiloxane in silico metasilicate natrosilite oligosiloxane pentasiloxane polysiloxane sila-explosive silicate silician silicide silicyne siloxane sima tetrasilicate titan-osilicate trisiloxane
Descendants of sesqui-
phosphorus sesquisulfide sesquiannual sesquicentenary sesquicentennial sesquiduplicate sesquihydrate sesquilinear sesquilingual sesquimustard sesquioxide sesquipedal sesquipedalian sesquipedality sesquiplane sesquiplicate sesquiquadrate sesquisalt sesquisulphide sesquisyllabic sesquisyllable sesquiterpene sesquiterpenoid sesquitertian sesquitone