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English word slavery comes from English slave, English -ery

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slave English (eng) (intransitive) To work hard.. (transitive) To enslave.. (transitive) To place a device under the control of another. (engineering) A device that is controlled by another device.. A drudge; one who labours like a slave.. A person who is forced against his/her will to perform, for another person or other persons, sexual acts or other personal services on a regular or continuing basis.. A [...]
-ery English (eng) Art, craft or practice. Characteristic of. Class or group, collection of. Organisation or movement. Place of art, craft or practice.
slavery English (eng) (figuratively) A condition in which one is captivated or subjugated, as by greed or drugs.. A condition of servitude endured by a slave.. An institution or social practice of owning human beings as property, especially for use as forced laborers.

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bakery bribery dairy tom