slop-basin etymology

English word slop-basin comes from English slop, English basin

Detailed word origin of slop-basin

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slop English (eng) (transitive) In the game of pool or snooker to pocket a ball by accident; in billiards, to make an ill-considered shot.. (transitive) To spill liquid upon; to soil with a spilled liquid.. (transitive) to feed pigs. (transitive) to spill or dump liquid, especially over the rim of a container when it moves. (archaic, costers) A policeman. (chiefly, plural) Inferior, weak drink or liquid food.. [...]
basin English (eng) (geography) A rock formation scooped out by water erosion.. (geography) An area of land from which water drains into a common outlet; drainage basin.. (obsolete) A shallow bowl used for a single serving of a drink or liquidy food.. A depression, natural or artificial, containing water.. A wide bowl for washing, sometimes affixed to a wall.
slop-basin English (eng) (British) A bowl for receiving the leavings of tea or coffee cups at table. (dated) A container used for urinating or defecating when it is impossible or inconvenient to go to a bathroom or toilet; a bedpan, a chamber pot. Commonly used in hospitals, where it is normally called bedpan. Formerly used in private residences, particularly those without an indoor toilet or bathroom.