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English word slop comes from Malayalam apodissa, Latin apodixa, Ancient Greek πόλις, Ancient Greek πολιτεία, Russian полиция (Police.)

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Detailed word origin of slop

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
apodissa Malayalam (mal)
apodixa Latin (lat)
πόλις Ancient Greek (grc)
πολιτεία Ancient Greek (grc)
полиция Russian (rus) Police.
polizza Italian (ita) Bill, voucher. Policy (insurance).
politia Latin (lat) (Late Latin) state, government.
politia Late Latin (LL)
polizia Italian (ita) Police.
policie Middle French (frm) Policy. Rule; law; regulation.
police Middle French (frm) Governance; management.
police French (fra) (Quebec) cop (police officer). (typography) fount, font. Police.
police English (eng) (transitive) To enforce the law and keep order among (a group).. (transitive) To patrol or clean up an area.. (transitive, figurative) To enforce norms or standards upon. (now, rare, historical) The regulation of a given community or society; administration, law and order etc. [from 17th c.]. (obsolete) Communal living; civilization. [16th-19th c.]. (obsolete) Policy. [15th-19th c.]. [...]
esclop English (eng) (archaic, costers) The police.
slop English (eng) (archaic, costers) A policeman.

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Descendants of apodissa
police policeman policy sloppy
Descendants of πόλις
metro metropolis metropolitan political