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English word specific comes from Latin facere, Latin species

Detailed word origin of specific

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facere Latin (lat)
species Latin (lat) (figuratively) a kind, quality, type. (figuratively) honor, reputation. (figuratively) vision, dream, apparition. (legal, later) a special case. A seeing, view, look. A spectacle, sight. External appearance; general outline or shape. Semblance, pretence, pretext, outward show. Show, display.
specificus Late Latin (LL)
specifique Old French (842-ca. 1400) (fro)
specific English (eng) (in the plural) The details; particulars.. A distinguishing attribute or quality.. A specific remedy.. Specification (immunology) limited to a particular antibody or antigen. (physics) a measure compared with a standard reference value by division, to produce a ratio without unit or dimension (e.g. specific refractive index is a pure number, and is relative to that of air). (physics) of a [...]

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Descendants of facere
affair affect affected defeat defect face facebook faced fact factor factory fair fashion feature perfect perfection profit profitable satisfaction satisfied satisfy scientific terrific testify verify
Descendants of species
specifically spice spicy