spectroelectrochemical etymology

English word spectroelectrochemical comes from English spectro- (Optical spectra.), English electrochemical

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spectro- English (eng) Optical spectra.
electrochemical English (eng) (chemistry) Of, or relating to a chemical reaction brought about by electricity.. (chemistry) Of, or relating to electricity produced by a chemical reaction e.g. in a battery.
spectroelectrochemical English (eng) Of or pertaining to spectroelectrochemistry.

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spectroastrometric spectroastrometry spectrobolometer spectrochemical spectroelectric spectroelectrochemistry spectrofluorometry spectrofluorophotometer spectrogram spectroheliogram spectrology spectrometer spectrometry spectrophotogoniometer spectrophotometer spectropolarimeter spectropolarimetry spectroradiometer spectroscope spectroscopic binary spectroscopical spectroscopically spectroscopist spectrotemporal