spectroelectrochemistry etymology

English word spectroelectrochemistry comes from English electrochemistry, English spectro- (Optical spectra.)

Detailed word origin of spectroelectrochemistry

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electrochemistry English (eng) (chemistry) The science of the chemistry associated with the flow of electricity, especially at the surface of an electrode.
spectro- English (eng) Optical spectra.
spectroelectrochemistry English (eng) (chemistry) A general term for any of many spectroscopic techniques used in chemistry. (chemistry) The spectroscopic study of electrochemical processes.

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Descendants of electrochemistry
Descendants of spectro-
spectroastrometric spectroastrometry spectrobolometer spectrochemical spectroelectric spectroelectrochemical spectrofluorometry spectrofluorophotometer spectrogram spectroheliogram spectrology spectrometer spectrometry spectrophotogoniometer spectrophotometer spectropolarimeter spectropolarimetry spectroradiometer spectroscope spectroscopic binary spectroscopical spectroscopically spectroscopist spectrotemporal