spectrometry etymology

English word spectrometry comes from English spectro- (Optical spectra.), English -metry (Forming nouns relating to measures and measurement.)

Detailed word origin of spectrometry

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spectro- English (eng) Optical spectra.
-metry English (eng) Forming nouns relating to measures and measurement.
spectrometry English (eng) (physics, analytical chemistry) The measurement of the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation, especially any of several techniques used to analyze the structure of molecules; the measurement of spectra of things other than radiation, such as the masses of molecules and their breakdown products.

Words with the same origin as spectrometry

Descendants of spectro-
spectroastrometric spectroastrometry spectrobolometer spectrochemical spectroelectric spectroelectrochemical spectroelectrochemistry spectrofluorometry spectrofluorophotometer spectrogram spectroheliogram spectrology spectrometer spectrophotogoniometer spectrophotometer spectropolarimeter spectropolarimetry spectroradiometer spectroscope spectroscopic binary spectroscopical spectroscopically spectroscopist spectrotemporal
Descendants of -metry
absorptiometry acidimetry anemometry archeometry bathymetry coulometry ergometry fluviometry heliometry isometry micrometry optometrist optometry phallometry photometry pneumatometry psychometry psychrometry scientometrist somatometry stichometry telemetric telemetry zoometry