spectroscopy etymology

English word spectroscopy comes from English spectro- (Optical spectra.), English -scopy (Observation, viewing.)

Detailed word origin of spectroscopy

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spectro- English (eng) Optical spectra.
-scopy English (eng) Observation, viewing.
spectroscopy English (eng) (analytical chemistry, countable) The use of spectrometers in chemical analysis.. (uncountable) The scientific study of spectra.

Words with the same origin as spectroscopy

Descendants of spectro-
spectroastrometric spectroastrometry spectrobolometer spectrochemical spectroelectric spectroelectrochemical spectroelectrochemistry spectrofluorometry spectrofluorophotometer spectrogram spectroheliogram spectrology spectrometer spectrometry spectrophotogoniometer spectrophotometer spectropolarimeter spectropolarimetry spectroradiometer spectroscope spectroscopic binary spectroscopical spectroscopically spectroscopist spectrotemporal
Descendants of -scopy
amnioscopy auriscopy bioscopy bronchoscopy brontoscopy colonoscopy duodenoscopy embryoscopy endoscopy fibroscopy fluoroscopy genitoscopy laparoscopy metalloscopy microscopy oneiroscopy proctoscopy rectoscopy retinoscopy telescopy thoracoscopy tracheoscopy uranoscopy vaginoscopy