spermaphyte etymology

English word spermaphyte comes from English -phyte, Ancient Greek σπέρμα

Detailed word origin of spermaphyte

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-phyte English (eng) A pathological growth, e.g. osteophyte.. A plant that grows in a specified form or habit, e.g. anthophyte, macrophyte.. A plant that grows in a specified habitat, e.g. acrophyte.. A taxonomic group of plants or algae, e.g. arthrophyte, cyanophyte.
σπέρμα Ancient Greek (grc)
spermaphyte English (eng) (botany).

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Descendants of -phyte
bacillariophyte chamerophyte charophyte cormophytic dermatophytic dermophyte endophyte entomophyte euglenophyte holosaprophyte hydrophyte limnodophyte megaphyte nanophanerophyte oceanophyte ombrophyte oophyte oöphyte schizophyte xenophyte xerophytic zoophytic zosterophyllophyte zygophyte
Descendants of σπέρμα