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English word spintronics comes from English spin, English electronics

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spin English (eng) (dated) Unmarried woman, spinster.. (physics) A quantum angular momentum associated with subatomic particles, which also creates a magnetic moment.. (sports) Rotation of the ball as it flies through the air; sideways movement of the ball as it bounces.. A brief trip by vehicle, especially one made for pleasure.. A bundle of spun material; a mass of strands and filaments.. A condition of [...]
electronics English (eng) (in the plural) A device or devices which require the flow of electrons through conductors and semiconductors in order to perform their function; devices that operate on electrical power (battery or outlet). (physics) The study and use of electrical devices that operate by controlling the flow of electrons or other electrically charged particles.. Electronic circuitry.
spintronics English (eng) (physics) The storage and transfer of information using the spin state of electrons as well as their charge.

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Intel MacIntel animatronics atomtronics avionics bionics caloritronics civionics conetronics dildo mechatronics mecomtronics moletronics nanospintronics optoelectronic ovonics pseudospintronics psychotronics radionics straintronics structronics