squirearchy etymology

English word squirearchy comes from English squire, English -archy (Form of government or rule.)

Detailed word origin of squirearchy

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squire English (eng) (UK, colloquial) Term of address to an equal.. A devoted attendant or follower of a lady; a beau.. A male attendant on a great personage.. A shield-bearer or armor-bearer who attended a knight.. A title of dignity next in degree below knight, and above gentleman. See esquire.. A title of office and courtesy. See under esquire. (obsolete) A ruler; a carpenter's square; a measure. To attend as [...]
-archy English (eng) Form of government or rule.
squirearchy English (eng) The landowning gentry.

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Descendants of squire
Descendants of -archy
anthroparchy biarchy cryptarchy demarchy exilarchy hagiarchy hecatarchy heterarchy hydrarchy hyperarchy iatrarchy kritarchy kyriarchal kyriarchy minarchy ochlarchy octarchy paparchy partyarchy patriarchate phylarchy polyarchic polyarchy triarchy