stenography etymology

English word stenography comes from English -graphy, English steno- (Narrow or restricted.)

Detailed word origin of stenography

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-graphy English (eng) Represents something written or otherwise represented in the specified manner, or about a specified subject.
steno- English (eng) Narrow or restricted.
stenography English (eng) The practice of transcribing speech (primarily for later dictation or testimony), usually using shorthand.

Words with the same origin as stenography

Descendants of -graphy
CDT CT adenography aerography angiography bathygraphic chromatography cryptography crystallography dendrography enigmatography iconography lexicography mammogram oceanography quasar radiculography radio radio silence rheography splanchnography tomography vasography zoography
Descendants of steno-
stenocardia stenoderm stenographic stenohaline stenopetalous stenophagy stenotherm stenotype