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English word steroid comes from English sterol, English -oid

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sterol English (eng) (biochemistry) Any member of a class of steroids containing a hydroxyl group in the 3-position of the A-ring; they are found in all animal and plant tissue and play an important role in hormone chemistry.
-oid English (eng) Of similar form to, but not the same as. Having the likeness of. Forms adjectives and nouns.
steroid English (eng) (biochemistry) A class of organic compounds having a structure of 17 carbon atoms arranged in four rings; they are lipids, and occur naturally as sterols, bile acids, adrenal and sex hormones, and some vitamins; many drugs are synthetic steroids.. (bodybuilding) Any anabolic hormone used to promote muscle growth.. (sports, US) Any chemical compound used to enhance athletic performance.

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aminosteroid anabolic steroid antisteroid azasteroid corticosteroid cyclosteroid ketosteroid neurosteroid nonsteroid norsteroid phytosteroid poststeroid roid roid-head steroidal steroidlike steroidogenesis steroidogenic steroidome
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alkaloid asteroid cannabinoid colloidal cycloid designoid factoid fibroid humanoid insectoid keloid mechanoid mong mongoloid monoid negro opioid paranoid planetoid schizoid solenoid sphenoid trapezoid