stoloniferous etymology

English word stoloniferous comes from English stolon, English -iferous

Detailed word origin of stoloniferous

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stolon English (eng) (botany) A shoot that grows along the ground and produces roots at its nodes; a runner.. (zoology) A structure formed by some colonial organisms from which offspring are produced by budding; see also Stolonifera.
-iferous English (eng)
stoloniferous English (eng) Producing stolons; putting forth suckers.

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Descendants of -iferous
coloriferous coralliferous crystalliferous fossiliferous galeniferous gasiferous guaniferous gummiferous insectiferous lamelliferous mammaliferous manniferous muriatiferous nectariferous nitrogeniferous ocelliferous ozoniferous papuliferous phosphoriferous polleniferous pyritiferous siliciferous sulphuriferous uriniferous