stonecutting etymology

English word stonecutting comes from English stone, English cutting

Detailed word origin of stonecutting

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stone English (eng) (AAVE) Used as an intensifier.. (LGBT) Willing to give sexual pleasure but not to receive it.. Constructed of stone.. Having the appearance of stone.. Of a dull light grey or beige, like that of some stones. (slang) Absolutely, completely (used with following adjectives).. As a stone (used with following adjective). (intransitive) To form a stone during growth, with reference to fruit etc.. [...]
cutting English (eng) (countable) A leaf, stem, branch, or root removed from a plant and cultivated to grow a new plant.. (countable) A narrow passage, dug for a road, railway or canal to go through.. (countable) A newspaper clipping.. (countable) A section removed from the larger whole.. (countable) An abridged selection of written work, often intended for performance.. (countable, uncountable) The action of the [...]
stonecutting English (eng) The hewing or dressing of stone.