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English word storage comes from English -age, English store

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-age English (eng) Forming nouns with the sense of collection or appurtenance.. Forming nouns indicating a charge, toll, or fee. Forming nouns indicating a place. Forming nouns indicating a process, action, or a result. Forming nouns indicating a rate. Forming nouns of a state or relationship.
store English (eng) (computing, dated) Memory.. (mainly North American) A place where items may be purchased.. A great quantity or number; abundance.. A large amount of information retained in one's memory.. A place where items may be accumulated or routinely kept.. A supply held in storage. (intransitive) To remain in good condition while stored.. (transitive) To keep (something) while not in use, generally in [...]
storage English (eng) To put into storage; to store. (uncountable) The act of storing goods; the state of being stored.. (uncountable) The price charged for storing goods.. (usually, countable) An object or place in which something is stored.. (usually, uncountable, computing) Any computer device, including such as a disk, on which data is stored for a longer term than memory.

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