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English word straighten comes from English cross, English -en

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cross English (eng) (archaic) across. Cross product of the previous vector and the following vector. (biology) To cross-fertilize or crossbreed.. (intransitive) To travel in a direction or path that will intersect with that of another.. (legal) To conduct a cross examination; to question a hostile witness.. (reflexive, to cross oneself) To make the sign of the cross over oneself.. (social) To oppose.. (sports) [...]
-en English (eng) (dialectal, or, non-standard, rare) Used to form the plural of nouns. Can be used to denote the plural form of a small number of English words, the majority of whose etymology goes back to the n-stem (i.e. weak noun) declension of Germanic languages. Used to form the diminutives of certain nouns. When attached to certain adjectives, it forms a transitive verb whose meaning is, to make [...]
straighten English (eng) (intransitive) To become straight.. (intransitive) To stand up, especially from a sitting position.. (transitive) To cause to become straight.. (transitive) To clarify a situation or concept to (an audience).. (transitive) To put in order; to sort; to tidy up.. (transitive, slang) To bribe or corrupt.

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awaken beaten brethren brighten chicken freshen golden lighten loosen strengthen tighten weaken wooden