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English word stylist comes from English style, English -ist

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style English (eng) (botany) The stalk that connects the stigma(s) to the ovary in a pistil of a flower.. (computing) A visual or other modification to text or other elements of a document, such as bold or italic.. (nonstandard) A stylus.. (obsolete) A pen; an author's pen.. A kind of blunt-pointed surgical instrument.. A long, slender, bristle-like process.. A manner of doing or presenting things, especially a [...]
-ist English (eng) Added to words to form nouns denoting:. A person who holds bigoted, partial views.. A person who uses a technological device of some kind. ;a person with a particular creative or academic role. ;one who has a certain political tendency. ;one who owns or manages something. ;one who subscribes to a particular theological doctrine or religious denomination;.
stylist English (eng) A writer or speaker distinguished for excellence or individuality of style; one who cultivates, or is a master or critic of, literary style.. An artist who has a particular distinctive style.. Designer.. Hairdresser.

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