success etymology

English word success comes from Latin cedere, Latin sub

Detailed word origin of success

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cedere Latin (lat)
sub Latin (lat) (with ablative) about, around (time). (with ablative) at the feet of. (with ablative) behind. (with ablative) under, beneath. (with ablative) within, during. (with accusative) under, up to, up under, close to (of a motion). (with accusative) until, before, up to, about.
succedo Latin (lat) I advance. I climb, mount or ascend. I enter. I follow. I succeed in.
success English (eng) (business) financial profitability.. (obsolete) Something which happens as a consequence; the outcome or result. [16th-18th c.]. One who, or that which, achieves assumed goals.. The achievement of one's aim or goal. [from 16th c.]. The fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame.

Words with the same origin as success

Descendants of cedere
ancestor ancestral procedure proceed process processed procession recess recession successful succession
Descendants of sub
souvenir succeed sudden suffer suffering suffice sufficient suffocate suggest suggestion summon summons support suppress surrogate suspect suspicion