succinamic etymology

English word succinamic comes from English amide, English succinic ((organic chemistry) Of or pertaining to succinic acid.)

Detailed word origin of succinamic

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amide English (eng) (inorganic chemistry) Any ionic derivative of ammonia in which a hydrogen atom has been replaced with a metal cation.. (organic chemistry) Any derivative of an oxoacid in which the hydroxyl group has been replaced with an amino or substituted amino group; especially such derivatives of a carboxylic acid, the carboxamides.
succinic English (eng) (organic chemistry) Of or pertaining to succinic acid.
succinamic English (eng) (organic chemistry) relating to succinamic acid and its derivatives.

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Descendants of amide
acetamidase amidation amidic amidol amidrazone oxanilide transamidase
Descendants of succinic
succinate succinyl succinylacetone