sucrose etymology

English word sucrose comes from Persian شکر (Sugar.), Latin saccharum ((New Latin) sugar.), English -ose

Detailed word origin of sucrose

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شکر Persian (fas) Sugar.
saccharum Latin (lat) (New Latin) sugar.
-ose English (eng) (chemistry) Used to form the names of sugars. Full of, like.
سُكَّر Arabic (ara)
سكر Arabic (ara) (uncountable) sugar Drunkenness, intoxication, inebriety. Intoxicant. Wine To candy. To sugar, to sprinkle sugar over. To sweeten, to add sugar To be drunk, to be intoxicated. To get drunk, to become intoxicated.
zucchero Old Italian (it-oit)
zucarum Malayalam (mal)
zucchero Italian (ita) First-person singular indicative present of zuccherare Sugar (all senses).
zuccarum Malayalam (mal)
chucre Old French (fro)
sucre French (fra) Sugar.
sucrose English (eng) (carbohydrate) A disaccharide with formula C12H22O11, consisting of two simple sugars, glucose and fructose; normal culinary sugar.

Words with the same origin as sucrose

Descendants of شکر
candy sugar
Descendants of saccharum
Descendants of -ose
agarose arabinoside biose caseose cutose cytosine dambose decose dextrose favose fructose fructoside galactose gentianose granulose hexosamine lacunose octose paucimannose rhamnose rutinose streptose tremellose venulose