suffix etymology

English word suffix comes from Latin figere, Latin sub

Detailed word origin of suffix

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figere Latin (lat)
sub Latin (lat) (with ablative) about, around (time). (with ablative) at the feet of. (with ablative) behind. (with ablative) under, beneath. (with ablative) within, during. (with accusative) under, up to, up under, close to (of a motion). (with accusative) until, before, up to, about.
suffixum Latin (lat)
suffix English (eng) (transitive) To append (something) to the end of something else. (grammar, linguistic morphology) A morpheme added at the end of a word to modify the word's meaning.. (mathematics) A subscript.

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Descendants of figere
Descendants of sub
souvenir succeed success successful succession sudden suffer suffice suffocate suggest summons support suppress surrogate suspect suspicion