suggestion etymology

English word suggestion comes from Latin gerendus, Latin sub, and later Latin suggestio (Addition. Suggestion, hint.)

Detailed word origin of suggestion

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gerendus Latin (lat)
sub Latin (lat) (with ablative) about, around (time). (with ablative) at the feet of. (with ablative) behind. (with ablative) under, beneath. (with ablative) within, during. (with accusative) under, up to, up under, close to (of a motion). (with accusative) until, before, up to, about.
suggero Latin (lat) I afford, furnish or supply. I carry, bring, put or lay under. I suggest, advise, prompt or offer.
suggestio Latin (lat) Addition. Suggestion, hint.
suggestion Old French (842-ca. 1400) (fro) Suggestion; proposal.
suggestioun Anglo-Norman (xno)
suggestion English (eng) (countable) Something suggested (with subsequent adposition being for). (countable, psychology) Something implied, which the mind is liable to take as fact.. (law, countable) information, insinuation, speculation, as opposed to a sworn testimony and evidence. (uncountable) The act of suggesting.

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Descendants of sub
souvenir succeed success successful succession sudden suffer suffering suffice sufficient suffocate suggest summon summons support suppress surrogate suspect suspicion