sulfarsenious acid etymology

English word sulfarsenious acid comes from English arsenious ((chemistry) Of or containing arsenic with a valence of 3.), English sulfo- ((chemistry) sulphur.)

Detailed word origin of sulfarsenious acid

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arsenious English (eng) (chemistry) Of or containing arsenic with a valence of 3.
sulfo- English (eng) (chemistry) sulphur.
sulpharsenious acid English (eng) (chemistry) A hypothetical sulphacid analogous to arsenious acid, and known only in its salts.

Words with the same origin as sulfarsenious acid

Descendants of arsenious
Descendants of sulfo-
disulfonic acid sulfamidate sulfanilate sulfasazaline sulfazin sulfethamate sulfethamic acid sulfhemoglobin sulfoarsenide sulfobenzamic sulfobenzide sulfocarbamate sulfocarbamide sulfocarbolate sulfocarbonate sulfoconjugated sulfohydric sulfoleic acid sulfomethylic acid sulfonaphthalate sulfonitric acid sulfosinapate sulfotellurite sulphocarbonate sulphocarbonyl