sulfate etymology

English word sulfate comes from Latin sulpur

Detailed word origin of sulfate

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
sulpur Latin (lat)
sulphatus Latin (lat)
acidum sulphatum Latin (lat)
sulphatum New Latin (la-new)
sulfate French (fra)
sulfate English (eng) (inorganic chemistry) Any salt of sulfuric acid.. (organic chemistry) Any ester of sulfuric acid. (American spelling, transitive, chemistry) To treat something with sulfuric acid, a sulfate, or with sulfur dioxide.. (of a lead-acid battery) To accumulate a deposit of lead sulfate.

Words with the same origin as sulfate

Descendants of sulpur
bromosulfalein sulfacetate sulfamate sulfamylate sulfamylic acid sulfanilic sulfarseniate sulfarsenic acid sulfarsenite sulfasazaline sulfethamate sulfimide sulfine sulfiodide sulfo-indigotate sulfoarsenide sulfobenzoate sulfocarbonate sulfochlorination sulfotellurate sulfur sulph- sulpho- sulphur sulphurate