sulfoarsenide etymology

English word sulfoarsenide comes from English arsenide, English sulfo- ((chemistry) sulphur.)

Detailed word origin of sulfoarsenide

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arsenide English (eng) A compound with arsenic in oxidation state −3.. Arsenide ion; an arsenic atom with three extra electrons and charge −3.
sulfo- English (eng) (chemistry) sulphur.
sulfoarsenide English (eng) (inorganic chemistry) Any substance that is a mixed sulfide/arsenide.

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Descendants of sulfo-
sulfane sulfhemoglobin sulfoaluminate sulfobenzaldehyde sulfobenzoate sulfobetaine sulfocarbonate sulfochloride sulfochlorination sulfoglycolipid sulfolipid sulfomucin sulfonitric sulfonium sulfopropyl sulforhodamine sulforhodamine B sulfosalicylic sulfosalt sulfoselenide sulfosuccinate sulfosuccinimidyl sulfotransferase sulfotyrosine