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English word sulfurane comes from English sulfur, English -ane

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sulfur English (eng) (transitive) To treat with sulfur, or a sulfur compound, especially to preserve or to counter agricultural pests. Of a yellowish green colour, like that of sulfur. (countable, uncountable) A yellowish green colour, like that of sulfur.. (uncountable) A chemical element (symbol S) with an atomic number of 16.
-ane English (eng) (chemistry) A simple binary compound of hydrogen and a nonmetal or metalloid.. (organic chemistry) A saturated hydrocarbon; an alkane.. Variant of -an, usually with differentiation (germane, humane, urbane), but sometimes alone (mundane).
sulfurane English (eng) (chemistry) Any compound, of general formula SR4, containing tetravalent sulfur attached to four atoms or groups.

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Descendants of sulfur
sulf- sulfacetic acid sulfacid sulfamic sulfamine sulfanilate sulfarsenate sulfarsenious acid sulfarsenite sulfarsin sulfethamate sulfethylate sulfhydrate sulfhydric sulfo- sulfoarsenide sulfobenzamic sulfobromophthalein sulfoglyceric acid sulfolipid sulfotellurate sulpharsenious acid sulphoarsenious acid sulphocarbonate sulphocarbonyl
Descendants of -ane
bromomethane butane cyclobutane epoxyethane ethane fluoromethane isobutane isohexane isooctane labdane ladderane methane methanesulfonic acid n-butane n-heptane nitromethane nonmethane octanal octane octanolysis olympiadane propane propanelike pterodactylane