sulpharsenious acid etymology

English word sulpharsenious acid comes from English sulfo- ((chemistry) sulphur.), English arsenious ((chemistry) Of or containing arsenic with a valence of 3.)

Detailed word origin of sulpharsenious acid

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sulfo- English (eng) (chemistry) sulphur.
arsenious English (eng) (chemistry) Of or containing arsenic with a valence of 3.
sulfarsenious acid English (eng)

Words with the same origin as sulpharsenious acid

Descendants of sulfo-
disulfonic acid sulfamidate sulfanilate sulfasazaline sulfazin sulfethamate sulfethamic acid sulfhemoglobin sulfoarsenide sulfobenzamic sulfobenzide sulfocarbamate sulfocarbamide sulfocarbolate sulfocarbonate sulfoconjugated sulfohydric sulfoleic acid sulfomethylic acid sulfonaphthalate sulfonitric acid sulfosinapate sulfotellurite sulphocarbonate sulphocarbonyl
Descendants of arsenious