superstitious etymology

English word superstitious comes from Latin superstitio (Superstition.), Latin -osus

Detailed word origin of superstitious

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superstitio Latin (lat) Superstition.
-osus Latin (lat) -ose, -ous; full of, prone to. Used to form adjectives from nouns.
superstitiosus Latin (lat) Superstitious.
superstitieux Old French (842-ca. 1400) (fro)
superstitious English (eng) (archaic) overexact; unnecessarily scrupulous. Arising from or having the character of superstitions.. Susceptible to superstitions.

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Descendants of -osus
cop copper copy courageous cup cupcake curiosity curious delicious envious fabulous flashing furious glorious gracious jealous jelly luxurious monstrous nervous ominous precious vicious virtuous