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English word surfel comes from English voxel, English surface

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voxel English (eng) (computer graphics) the three-dimensional analogue of a pixel; a volume element representing some numerical quantity, such as the colour, of a point in three-dimensional space, used in the visualisation and analysis of three-dimensional (especially scientific and medical) data.
surface English (eng) (intransitive) For information or facts to become known.. (intransitive) To appear or be found.. (intransitive) To come out of hiding.. (intransitive) To rise to the surface.. (intransitive) To work a mine near the surface.. (transitive) To apply a surface to something.. (transitive) To provide something with a surface. (figurative) Outward or external appearance.. (fortification) That part [...]
surfel English (eng) (computer graphics) A unit square between voxels.

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Descendants of voxel
lignel pointel
Descendants of surface
surfacy surform surtext