surname etymology

English word surname comes from Latin super- (Super-; over, above.), Latin nomen, French nom (A name, especially a last name or family name.. A noun.)

Detailed word origin of surname

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super- Latin (lat) Super-; over, above.
nomen Latin (lat) (grammar) noun (i.e. substantive, adjective, pronoun, article or numeral). In particular, the middle name of a three-part free man's Latin name which distinguished one gens from another. Name, appellation. Title.
nom French (fra) A name, especially a last name or family name.. A noun.
supernōmen, suprānōmen Late Latin (LL)
surnoun Old French (842-ca. 1400) (fro) (Anglo-Norman) additional name. (Anglo-Norman) nickname.
surnom French (fra) Nickname (familiar, invented given name).
surname English (eng) (Classical studies) The cognomen of Roman names.. (Scottish, obsolete) A clan.. (obsolete) An additional name given to a person, place, or thing; a byname or nickname.. (obsolete) An additional name, particularly those derived from a birthplace, quality, or achievement; an epithet.. The name a person shares with other members of that person's family, distinguished from that person's given [...]

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Descendants of super-
supernatural superstition superstitious supervision surrender surveillance survey survival survive
Descendants of nomen
nominate nominee