suspension etymology

English word suspension comes from Latin pendere, Latin sub- (Sub-.), Latin pendo

Detailed word origin of suspension

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
pendere Latin (lat)
sub- Latin (lat) Sub-.
pendo Latin (lat) (figuratively) I consider, ponder.. I pay.. I suspend, hang.. I weigh, weigh out.
suspendo Latin (lat) I hang up or suspend.
suspensionem Latin (lat)
suspensiō Late Latin (LL)
suspension English (eng) (Scots, _, law) A stay or postponement of the execution of a sentence, usually by letters of suspension granted on application to the Lord Ordinary.. (education) The process of barring a student from school grounds as a form of punishment (particularly out-of-school suspension).. (music) The act of or discord produced by prolonging one or more tones of a chord into the chord which follows, [...]

Words with the same origin as suspension

Descendants of pendere
depend indispensable pension spence suspend
Descendants of sub-
assume presumably presume resume resurrection source souvenir subject substance substantial subtle succeed suffer suffering sufficient suggest suggestion summon supply suppose surge suspect suspicion sustain
Descendants of pendo
appendix compensate compensation expense expensive poison precious price priceless prize spend