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English word sustain comes from Latin teneo, Latin subteneo, Latin sub- (Sub-.)

Detailed word origin of sustain

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teneo Latin (lat) (of laws) I am binding on; bind, hold, obligate. (reflexive) I keep back, remain, stay, hold position. I comprise, contain, include, hold. I hold fast, restrain, detain, check, control; bind, fetter. I hold, have; grasp. I insist, uphold. I know, grasp, understand, conceive. I possess, occupy, control. I reach, attain; gain, acquire, obtain. I recollect, retain knowledge of, remember, bear [...]
subteneo Latin (lat)
sub- Latin (lat) Sub-.
sustineo Latin (lat) I hold or keep back or in, stay, check, restrain, control.. I hold up or upright, uphold, keep up, bear up, support, sustain, tolerate.. I keep back, put off, defer, delay.. I undergo, endure, deign, withstand, hold out.. I uphold, sustain, maintain, preserve; guard, protect.
*sustenīre Vulgar Latin (la-vul)
soustenir Old French (fro) To bear (suffering, a burden, punishment, etc.). To keep up; to sustain.
sustain English (eng) (music) A mechanism which can be used to hold a note, as the right pedal on a piano. (transitive) To confirm, prove, or corroborate; to uphold.. (transitive) To encourage (something). (The addition of quotations indicative of this usage is being sought):. (transitive) To experience or suffer (an injury, etc.).. (transitive) To maintain, or keep in existence.. (transitive) To provide for or [...]

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Descendants of teneo
contain containment content continent continental continue continuum detain detention entertain entertaining entertainment maintain obtain rain rainbow raincoat rainforest rainy retain tenant tennis tent tenure
Descendants of sub-
assume presumably presume resume resurrection source souvenir subject substance substantial subtle succeed suffer suffering sufficient suggest suggestion summon supply suppose surge suspect suspension suspicion