sympathy etymology

English word sympathy comes from Ancient Greek παθητικός, Ancient Greek σύν, and later Middle French sympathie (Harmony. Sympathy (feeling of mutual like).)

Detailed word origin of sympathy

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
παθητικός Ancient Greek (grc)
σύν Ancient Greek (grc)
συμπάθεια Ancient Greek (grc)
sympathīa Late Latin (LL)
sympathia Late Latin (LL)
sympathie Middle French (frm) Harmony. Sympathy (feeling of mutual like).
sympathy English (eng) A feeling of pity or sorrow for the suffering or distress of another; compassion.. A mutual relationship between people or things such that they are correspondingly affected by any condition.. Tendency towards or approval of the aims of a movement.. The ability to share the feelings of another.

Words with the same origin as sympathy

Descendants of παθητικός
Descendants of σύν
compassion ecosystem symbol symbolic sympathetic sympathize symphony symptom synagogue sync synchro syndicate syndrome system