symphonious etymology

English word symphonious comes from English mischievous, English phone, English syn- (Concomitant. Identical. With, together.)

Detailed word origin of symphonious

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mischievous English (eng) Causing mischief; injurious.. Troublesome, cheeky, badly behaved.
phone English (eng) (phonetics) A speech segment that possesses distinct physical or perceptual properties, considered as a physical event without regard to its place in the phonology of a language. (transitive) To call (someone) on the telephone. A device for transmitting conversations and other sounds in real time across distances.
syn- English (eng) Concomitant. Identical. With, together.
symphonious English (eng) Of or pertaining to simultaneous sounds that are harmonious together.

Words with the same origin as symphonious

Descendants of mischievous
mischevious mischievious
Descendants of phone
iPhone phablet phlog phlogging phonable phreak phub
Descendants of syn-
phytosymbiont polysyndactyly symbiogenesis symbiont symporter synacme synanthous synapomorphic synapomorphy syncarpous syncotyledonous syndactyly synecological syneruptive syngamy syngraft synkaryophyte synocracy synorogenic synostosis synperiplanar synsacral synsepalous syntectonic