symphony etymology

English word symphony comes from Ancient Greek σύν, Ancient Greek φωνή

Detailed word origin of symphony

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σύν Ancient Greek (grc)
φωνή Ancient Greek (grc)
σύμφωνος Ancient Greek (grc)
συμφωνία Ancient Greek (grc)
symphonia Latin (lat) A kind of musical instrument. An agreement of sounds; a harmony, symphony.
simphonie Old French (fro)
symphony English (eng) (US, informal) a symphony orchestra. An extended piece of music of sophisticated structure, usually for orchestra. Harmony in music or colour, or a harmonious combination of elements.

Words with the same origin as symphony

Descendants of σύν
compassion ecosystem symbol symbolic sympathetic sympathize sympathy symptom synagogue sync synchro syndicate syndrome system
Descendants of φωνή
anthem cell mic microphone mike phone saxophone stereo telephone