synchronicity etymology

English word synchronicity comes from English synchronous, English -icity

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synchronous English (eng) (computing, of communication) Single-threaded; blocking; occurring in the same thread as other computations, thereby preventing those computations from resuming until the communication is complete.. At the same time, at the same frequency.
-icity English (eng) Used to form nouns, denoting a quality or condition, from adjectives, especially ones ending in -ic (in which case "ic" is not duplicated).
synchronicity English (eng) (Jungian psychology) Coincidences that seem to be meaningfully related; supposedly the result of "universal forces".. (uncountable) The state of being synchronous or simultaneous.

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Descendants of -icity
Hamiltonicity Iranicity Italianicity alkalophilicity angelicity facticity illogicity moronicity patternicity prolaticity robusticity sigmoidicity ubicity urbanicity xenoestrogenicity