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English word synzyme comes from English enzyme, English synthetic

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enzyme English (eng) (biochemistry) A globular protein that catalyses a biological chemical reaction.
synthetic English (eng) (chemistry) Produced by synthesis instead of being isolated from a natural source (but may be identical to a product so obtained).. (grammar) Pertaining to the joining of bound morphemes in a word. Compare analytic.. (linguistics) Of a language, having a grammar principally dependent on the use of bound morphemes to indicate syntactic relationships. Compare analytic.. Artificial, not [...]
synzyme English (eng) A synthetic enzyme.

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abzyme antizyme bienzymatic chemoenzymatic cryoenzymology ectoenzymatic electroenzymatic enzymatic enzymatically enzymic enzymological enzymology enzymolysis enzymopathy granzyme immunoenzymatic isoenzymatic isoenzymic isozyme lysozyme metalloenzymatic nanozyme nonenzymatic radioenzymatic
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