systole etymology

English word systole comes from Ancient Greek στέλλειν, Ancient Greek σύν, Ancient Greek στέλλω

Detailed word origin of systole

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στέλλειν Ancient Greek (grc)
σύν Ancient Greek (grc)
στέλλω Ancient Greek (grc)
συστέλλειν Ancient Greek (grc)
συστέλλω Ancient Greek (grc)
συστολή Ancient Greek (grc)
systole English (eng) (physiology) The rhythmic contraction of the heart, by which blood is driven through the arteries.. (prosody) A shortening of a naturally long vowel.

Words with the same origin as systole

Descendants of στέλλειν
asystole systolic
Descendants of σύν
compassion ecosystem symbol sympathy symphony symptom synagogue sync synchro syndicate syndrome system
Descendants of στέλλω
amphidynamic apostle apostolic autodynamic biodynamic diastolic dynamic dynamic headroom dynamical dyne epistle hadrodynamic histodynamic hyperperistaltic hypodynamic hysterodynamic magnetodynamic peterman rotodynamic sonodynamic stole thermodynamic trophodynamic