tachometer etymology

English word tachometer comes from English -meter (Used to form the names of measuring devices.), English tachy- (Fast.)

Detailed word origin of tachometer

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-meter English (eng) Used to form the names of measuring devices.
tachy- English (eng) Fast.
tachometer English (eng) A device for measuring or indicating velocity or speed, as of blood, a river, a machine, etc.. A device for measuring the revolutions per minute (RPMs) of a revolving shaft, as with the driveshaft of an automobile.

Words with the same origin as tachometer

Descendants of -meter
accelerometer altimeter arthrometer barometer calorimeter calorimetry dioptometer dynamometer fluorometer geoboard geometry glucometer hodometer holometer inclinometer lucimeter pantometer photopolarimeter pulsimeter spectrometer symmetry tiltmeter trig trigonometry
Descendants of tachy-
hydrotachymeter phototachymeter tachocline tachyarrhythmia tachygraph tachylalia tachymeter tachymetry tachyon tachyonic tachypace tachypacing tachyphagia tachyphylactic tachyphylaxis tachypnea tachypnoea tachyscope tachysystole tachytely tachyzoite